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About and the FreeMLS Network of Local Portals, the FreeMLS, is a network of local real estate web portals offering support and resources for buyers, sellers, renters, owners and real estate professionals and service providers. We empower users to take control of their property sale or rental transaction by offering the most comprehensive selection of tools for online selling, buying and renting: Click here to order local MLS search with 24/7 email updates. List your property for free in our database on your respective "localized" portal site or list your property on the "real" MLS and Check out our Accelerated Marketing Program via special promotion on this site, or sign up for full service brokerage services. A Display Ad on this or any of our local portals' homepages for you? Please feel free to contact us.

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* We currently offer full, free, immediate, and unfettered MLS search in the following areas/regions: Greater San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay, San Benito, Santa Clara and San Mateo, California, Oahu, Hawaii, Wyoming, New Mexico and, of course, Costa Rica. We are in expansion mode. Brokers interested in partner opportunities in other markets please contact us. We welcome your feedback and are always looking for fresh ideas and new associates.

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